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Neglect? Aye sir & madam! [22 Jun 2009|11:06pm]
[ mood | listless ]

Sorry dear journal, I have neglected you horridly. The stains of my regret are all over the place, including, but not limited to, some crotchless undies. So I redeem myself to you by this minute entry of little worth and stamina.

Since vacation not much different has happened. No life altering alterations. Same old same old. I honestly feel lately that I haven't much to say to anyone about anything other than a few short sentences or replies. Been on the hunt for a house. I want to move away from the area that I live. I just feel now is the time to make a clean start and be away from where I have always clung to for security. I am ready for a challenge and frankly, need it. I feel really stifled and stagnant here and as much as the children like the area and school I can't be forced to stay here much longer.

I really must try and journal more. Its just good to get things out of my rusty skull, where they are trapped in a stalemate. Hope everyone is well amongst my LJ pals. What ones I don't commune with on facebook I bid a hello and tip of the cap.

I miss my pedestal perchin Englishman. You really got to entertain us again Allan! Draw some cartoon strips or some nude sunbathers on a rock like turtles.

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[29 May 2009|08:52pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hilton Head Island was beautiful and interesting to visit. Beach is the beach is the beach on the Atlantic side, I want to visit the gulf side. But we did have fun, went to the beach twice, played loads in the pools and hot tub, went to the movies twice(Terminator and Night at the museum). Went to Sea Pines and the Harbor , walked up 40 million stairs in the sweltering 89 degree weather (Inside was more like 120 degrees,lol). Took quite a few pics, mom and Tammy have loads more than I do as I was too busy having fun and spending time with the kids to fool with taking loads of pics. I know I used to be a picture crazy person but I have changed, I try and live in the moment instead of reaching for the camera all the time like I used to, sometimes being there is way better than snapping a pic. Unless its of my dad doing something weird and yes I have more stories about my dad on this trip. He is so comical!

Fox was fine, Vix and Loo were fine at the kennel. They shook and trembled with glee and barked when they saw me. Gave them a hot bath when I got them home, they stunk so bad. They were outside and they aren't outdoorsy doggies. They were able to come inside the building and back out at will but you know kennels have other dogs there and poop and hairs and slobbers ect ect ect. So they were scrubbed up good and blow dried till they smell delicious.

Murf is ok and fat of course, he wasn't bothered in the least by any of the goings on so long as his food dish was full, and it was. He loved on me loads and we made out a bit,LOL! I gotta give him blowy kissy bubbles on his tummy. I missed his fat butt!

I am so glad to be home, it feels like I was gone a month. It was like coming home to a strange place in a way. I dunno why or how to explain it. I am having a bit of an anxiety trip actually. LOL
I am crazy

So much to catch up on with emails and avon junk. Laundry and minor housework. Mowing the lawn too to get done before the weekend is over.

Oh yeah, our back right tire starting coming apart on the hiway in South Carolina so we had to find a station and get them to put two new back tires on for a wonderous 160$ that we didn't have but had to spend anyhow. Figures something nutty would happen! But we were safe and that is what matters.

Maybe by Monday I will feel normal in my skin again. Going there was a wonderful fun but weird experience.....

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DISASTER. [23 May 2009|08:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Decided to wait and take dogs to kennel today at 5. Met with her to drop dogs at central meeting place aka a GAS STATION. Handed the dogs off in the three crates she had brought for them to ride in, had them harnessed and leashed. Good to go right? NOT
The woman has been breeding, showing, OBEDIENCE training and kenneling dogs for more than get this, 30 years. In those 30 years she has never, not once been bitten, ever. She has shown many diff breeds of dogs, breeds Welsh Pembroke Corgi's and has been obedience training a zillion dogs.
Foxy bit her, drew blood. She was getting the dogs out of the crates and into the kennels and Fox scrambled out of her harness and bit the shit out of her arm. She called me not more than 45 min after we dropped them off to her. Soooooo, we had to drive up in Virginia to GET FOXY. I refused to leave her there at this point. It just felt wrong. Loo and Vix were fine as wine. Scared and nervy but fine. My friends dogs were in the kennel next to them. I mean the lady is a proffesional! Foxy is such a spoiled bratty bitch. I decided to bring her home and let her stay here. Chris is coming home for a few days of vacation so he can tend to her. She can use the pee pads and all that jazz. I feel terrible for the woman getting bitten. I told her I as soo sorry four hundred times. She said "Well there is a first time for everything!" lol

Well at least I will save 50$ keeping Fox home. Leaving at 3 am. I still have loads to do, god I haven't even loaded the car yet. This is all starting off badly,lol.

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[21 May 2009|08:43pm]
3 Days! Hilton Head is calling my name, among other things. I am brown finally, dumb tanning bed needs to get its shi* together and work faster. I will lay tomorrow after work 10 minutes and let that be the end of my tanning ventures. I will then go back to being pale and try and salvage my skin.

I will take loads of pics, I charged up the batteries and am ready to snap away. New beach and new experience. Very excited!

Bad bad news, Vix is in full blown nasty heat. Bless her little heart and swollen vag. The kennel lady is going to put her in an isolation kennel so she is safe and secure. Fox and Loo's will be housed together. I am so sad Vix is going to be separated from them. I might just request she be with them, I dunno.
I will miss them like nobody's business and cry like a baby when we drop them off. A week w/o my girls will be torture for me and them.

I don't know if I will get to come on the next two days due to work and packing, so Goodbye to all and I will return with loads of random pictures from the Isle of Hilton Head!

P.s. Murf gets to stay home with his automatic feeder and litter box. It must be grand to be a cat!
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[08 May 2009|10:46am]
[ mood | lol ]

I am forever making funnies about dad.

Create Your Own
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Crispy fried or special blend? [07 May 2009|10:55am]
I laid in the tanning bed for the first time in ....ever. I have never set skin inside one of those horrible creatures of doom, until now. I laid Tues for a handfulla minutes amounting to nothing thinking I would burn so I had better not lay long. Well so today since Tues did nada at all I decided to lay again. 8 minutes. 8!!!!!! I am so red I look like a roasted pepper. From my chest to my crotch its bad,lol. My upper thighs got a bit, front and back.
The part that got the brunt of the heat was my butt. My crack is so red it is sizzling, even now as I type this I feel my butt flesh sizzling like a steak on the grill.
This is not at all what I had in mind when I set out to gradually get smidgens of tan in small increments before I go to the beach. Not at all what I had in mind.

A lesson learned though. The heat felt wonderful on my back which I guess can be the only positive that came out of the whole debacle.

OOP! Ace of cakes is on and I see fondant horsies getting created, must go rewind!
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Tasty like a raindrop. [29 Apr 2009|11:06pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Still got some woes. I am pretty weary emotionally from this crap. I feel like at any given second I will go in all directions at once. A good cry would be wonderful. And timely.

I have a wall that seriously needs to come down. I hardly ever let my emotions out like I need to, like normal people do. I can't cry when its appropriate to do so. I hardly ever hug anyone except my kids. Its very hard for me to not be tough.

When and if I ever find the thing that sets it all lose, I have pity on anyone who is around.lol
It will be like the care bear stare until it dissipates.

I have a hard time trusting and letting lose and letting go. I am a cynic and bitter. I honestly think I have some sort of weird post traumatic stress syndrome after having seen so much crap and been through so much in my crazy life. A lot of things I have never mentioned, and probably never will. Life can be crap, and I have been witness to some insane junk in my time.

I just want to let all this pent up-ness out. It is going to kill me with a heart attack.

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[29 Apr 2009|02:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

If anyone knows me, and knows me well, then you will know I have a crazy sense of humor. Sometimes it can be quite dry and sarcastic and sometimes it can be well crazy or dirty.

This is a video I made about my dad and his experiences on the road driving his big rig.
I know he will get a kick out of this as he is as crazy as I am. If you are easily offended by fecal matter jokes or pp jokes do not watch....and also pull the stick out of your rectum.


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Menstrual cup fun! [28 Apr 2009|10:49pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Oh dear lord, I love this!
A cute/informative video has been made. I love the idea and the video turned out well for an animation type deal.
At about 1 minute and 5 seconds hilarity ensues.

"I am sure the US FDA won't come rip the cup from your bleeding vagina"

This will mean nothing to anyone else but I had to rewatch that bit 6 times, laughing each time as if it was new.

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"I would have taken 2,000" - "And I would have paid 4" [26 Apr 2009|08:01pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I have been sleeping crap lately. Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night in a dead sleep. Just full out awake, as if someone had said my name. No I am not on medication(should be maybe?) I have no clue what why where ect. I still feel nervous and it is getting quite tiring to be honest. I wish whatever is going to happen will just friggen happen and get over with already as this is too much anxiousness for one human being to take. I mean a MONTH in now with this.
Is the world about to end? Is a war brewing? Has my brain melted and nobody dared tell me? This truly is a Whirling Dervish inside me. Just now, had a pang of anxiety. This is crazy my friends. Someone could possibly put me out of my misery? Can't escape things when they reside within. Tumultuous reeling to and fro.

Any guesses as to what is going to happen? Take your pick, Loch Ness finds their monster- Pdiddy changes his name again- Prince fills the world with his beautiful seed and creates a perfect world of merriment and mirth. Any ideas? Any comeuppances due me that I hath forgotten?

I have an inkling of what it is. I felt it coming. I knew it. Something else is going to happen next. But what?

I am just so confused and completely discontent.

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NSFW!!! [25 Apr 2009|10:42am]
[ mood | horny ]

Oh dear me. I forgot just how Goddess-like Kate was.

Kate Winslet Quills - Click here for more home videos

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~And you took my picture in all sorts of poses~ [24 Apr 2009|02:43pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

I am cutting down on hours at work by summer break. I don't want to overload myself or miss out time with my kids.

I am so nervous right now I feel like my insides are vibrating, which could be a great thing in any other circumstances. Something is brewing. I have felt it for a month. I might make it out alive, unless my anxiety kills me with a heart attack inducing heart failure. I didn't sleep well at all last night. Maybe 3 hours? This is getting insane. Someone put me out of my miseries and mental cavortions! Sanity abates and escapes me at every turn of the dial. The frequency and radioactive waves pelt and smelter(lol!) me until I shrivel into a Polly pocket.
Put that in your back pocket, cause it's small enough to fit. The queen of hearts has dealt me a hand of revelries. Off with my head, the last brain cell left worth using for a worthy cause.

Help me says the lil fly caught in the spiders web. Except my fly is pink and just has the lovliest butterfly wings eva. Maybe it is a butterfly, who knows. Butterflies love living in the labyrinth of my undulating atoms.

Watching Swept from the sea tonight. Maybe renting Naked Lunch tomorrow, might drive me over the edge of my sanity.

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Vintage [24 Apr 2009|01:45pm]
Can't believe this was once banned.

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[23 Apr 2009|10:32pm]
just dies.
Michael Sheen is online. The mass of talent and gorgeousness-ess-ess is online. The gods do love us eh?
I am 31, way too old to get excited over actors webbing. lol

I need a right stiff drink and an extra cold shower posthaste. Wont take much Midori to give me a good calm down. Two sips and I am giddy, three well puts me over the edge of sexual ecstasy and four will make me laid out. Four sips it is my friends!

On another very sad and different note, the wildfires of Myrtle Beach are quite shocking and terrible. My heart goes out to the people who have lost their homes or had to evacuate their places. It is scary for me and I am nowhere near them. That is one nightmare/fear of mine is wildfires..and don't laugh but also flash floods of biblical proportions. Yes I have an overactive imagination like a wee child, I am aware of this. But those two things are so terribly devastating and scary. Such a sad thing to have happened. Makes my trip to the beach next month be a little bittersweet. Hope all goes well and nobody perishes in the fires.

I want to go watch Holy Smoke, have a need for some mind numbing beauty and panoramic delights. Oh and Kate putting lipstick on Harvey. Best scene of the film.

Getting flowers tomorrow. Sandy said I need to get my hands in some dirt to lighten my worries of late. Gardening is always a calming activity.
She also has plans on taking me and Jessica to her houseboat on the lake for a "Girls night". Can't wait for that! I desperately need an escape, even if for a few hours.
With work being overloaded, bosses husband being diagnosed with lung cancer AND black lung, and general life's wiley antics I need to relax.

I will get a massage at the beach. I will get a pedi at the beach(or before cause I want cute things painted on my toes for beach)

Got to get Liloo's rabies, and general shots..Vixie's rabies and general shots...All three dogs need their Kennel cough shot (20$ each) and the boarding fee. It is costing me over 200$ to square the Rellz away for our trip. Rotten lil hags have no idea what I spend on them,lol.

I better be off to bed, I think today was excitement enough for three. Plus 5:30 is going to come too soon. Work will be super busy. Tis Friday and everyone EVERYONE comes to work out on Fridays. Preparing for the weekend eats I guess,lol.
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[23 Apr 2009|08:40pm]
I feel like Kate's facial expression looks.

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Well, [20 Apr 2009|11:41pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I forgot all about making these, haha
Let us all bask in the supreme beauty and lusciousness that is Rachel Weisz.

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"Justa pocketbook Brando" [20 Apr 2009|04:53pm]
[ mood | pffft! ]

Nickelback, I used to love them when they were all indie and unknown. When their stuff was their own and not mass produced drivel. Old Enough was and is my all time favorite song ever. When I saw them at that bar basement where people were busting beer bottles and drinking hard liquor, when Hugo Fierra tried to cop a feel of my a$$ and I went to see Chad at the tour bus. I spent 45 minutes of my life talking and wondering why he didn't wear nickers............ 0.o
Rock stars are so into themselves.
Pfftt! Candy store pop is what they push now. I am not saying that Chad can't write good music, he knows how to pump out the hits(hahha) but its all the same song over and over and.

Case in point, this drivelly song. I'd Come(CUM is what the man is really meaning) For You

Give me a Big Wreck album or Ian Thornley ANYDAY over Nickelback. AND wtf did Chad do to his long gorgeous curls. Again....cater to the masses instead of staying true to yourself.

Ian Thornley and his...

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Something, you've got something I can't resist... [19 Apr 2009|06:07pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

*~~~~~~~For you~~~~~~~*

~I love the temperature and smell of your body
The shape of your lips and the size of your nose~

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Question [19 Apr 2009|12:27pm]
An interesting thing is wealth. A cold cruel mistress if you decide to court her. But there are some who court her with ease and never feel the tug and strain of her whimsys.

So we were chatting abt this and wondered what I might do if given the chance to be a rich lass. If I won the lottery or if someone left me $$ ina will.
Would I change who I was? Would the money slowly change the person I am? Would I ever look down upon others? Or would I be generous and stay grounded.

Would people see me differently? YES, due to the fact I would become a hermit. I would create a hide away and stay sheltered away unless I needed to shop or see family. I would do something that pleased my soul and not work for another human being ever again unless I had to.
I would take care of my parents and grandparents so that they were kept well.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Or came into a lump sum of grandios monies?
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Excitement! [16 Apr 2009|11:42pm]
Canna wait to see Damned United!!!! If my adoration of Sheen's acting wasn't apparent I must rectify that now by saying it. Now. Now I am saying it.
Maybe NOW people will appreciate him for the talent that he has. He is my male Kate Winslet. Now all I need to make the universe cohesive is to see them both in the same film.

I recommend Dirty Filthy Love, one of the best movies I have seen..for various reasons. Sheen's acting is so good its almost hard to watch. Moving, dark, comedic and clever. There's a bit of nudity and a bit of curse words so I don't think anyone under the age of idunno...17 should watch it. But that's just my momma side talking:)
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