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"Justa pocketbook Brando"

Nickelback, I used to love them when they were all indie and unknown. When their stuff was their own and not mass produced drivel. Old Enough was and is my all time favorite song ever. When I saw them at that bar basement where people were busting beer bottles and drinking hard liquor, when Hugo Fierra tried to cop a feel of my a$$ and I went to see Chad at the tour bus. I spent 45 minutes of my life talking and wondering why he didn't wear nickers............ 0.o
Rock stars are so into themselves.
Pfftt! Candy store pop is what they push now. I am not saying that Chad can't write good music, he knows how to pump out the hits(hahha) but its all the same song over and over and.

Case in point, this drivelly song. I'd Come(CUM is what the man is really meaning) For You

Give me a Big Wreck album or Ian Thornley ANYDAY over Nickelback. AND wtf did Chad do to his long gorgeous curls. Again....cater to the masses instead of staying true to yourself.

Ian Thornley and his...
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