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~And you took my picture in all sorts of poses~

I am cutting down on hours at work by summer break. I don't want to overload myself or miss out time with my kids.

I am so nervous right now I feel like my insides are vibrating, which could be a great thing in any other circumstances. Something is brewing. I have felt it for a month. I might make it out alive, unless my anxiety kills me with a heart attack inducing heart failure. I didn't sleep well at all last night. Maybe 3 hours? This is getting insane. Someone put me out of my miseries and mental cavortions! Sanity abates and escapes me at every turn of the dial. The frequency and radioactive waves pelt and smelter(lol!) me until I shrivel into a Polly pocket.
Put that in your back pocket, cause it's small enough to fit. The queen of hearts has dealt me a hand of revelries. Off with my head, the last brain cell left worth using for a worthy cause.

Help me says the lil fly caught in the spiders web. Except my fly is pink and just has the lovliest butterfly wings eva. Maybe it is a butterfly, who knows. Butterflies love living in the labyrinth of my undulating atoms.

Watching Swept from the sea tonight. Maybe renting Naked Lunch tomorrow, might drive me over the edge of my sanity.
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