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"I would have taken 2,000" - "And I would have paid 4"

I have been sleeping crap lately. Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night in a dead sleep. Just full out awake, as if someone had said my name. No I am not on medication(should be maybe?) I have no clue what why where ect. I still feel nervous and it is getting quite tiring to be honest. I wish whatever is going to happen will just friggen happen and get over with already as this is too much anxiousness for one human being to take. I mean a MONTH in now with this.
Is the world about to end? Is a war brewing? Has my brain melted and nobody dared tell me? This truly is a Whirling Dervish inside me. Just now, had a pang of anxiety. This is crazy my friends. Someone could possibly put me out of my misery? Can't escape things when they reside within. Tumultuous reeling to and fro.

Any guesses as to what is going to happen? Take your pick, Loch Ness finds their monster- Pdiddy changes his name again- Prince fills the world with his beautiful seed and creates a perfect world of merriment and mirth. Any ideas? Any comeuppances due me that I hath forgotten?

I have an inkling of what it is. I felt it coming. I knew it. Something else is going to happen next. But what?

I am just so confused and completely discontent.
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