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Tasty like a raindrop.

Still got some woes. I am pretty weary emotionally from this crap. I feel like at any given second I will go in all directions at once. A good cry would be wonderful. And timely.

I have a wall that seriously needs to come down. I hardly ever let my emotions out like I need to, like normal people do. I can't cry when its appropriate to do so. I hardly ever hug anyone except my kids. Its very hard for me to not be tough.

When and if I ever find the thing that sets it all lose, I have pity on anyone who is
It will be like the care bear stare until it dissipates.

I have a hard time trusting and letting lose and letting go. I am a cynic and bitter. I honestly think I have some sort of weird post traumatic stress syndrome after having seen so much crap and been through so much in my crazy life. A lot of things I have never mentioned, and probably never will. Life can be crap, and I have been witness to some insane junk in my time.

I just want to let all this pent up-ness out. It is going to kill me with a heart attack.
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