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Decided to wait and take dogs to kennel today at 5. Met with her to drop dogs at central meeting place aka a GAS STATION. Handed the dogs off in the three crates she had brought for them to ride in, had them harnessed and leashed. Good to go right? NOT
The woman has been breeding, showing, OBEDIENCE training and kenneling dogs for more than get this, 30 years. In those 30 years she has never, not once been bitten, ever. She has shown many diff breeds of dogs, breeds Welsh Pembroke Corgi's and has been obedience training a zillion dogs.
Foxy bit her, drew blood. She was getting the dogs out of the crates and into the kennels and Fox scrambled out of her harness and bit the shit out of her arm. She called me not more than 45 min after we dropped them off to her. Soooooo, we had to drive up in Virginia to GET FOXY. I refused to leave her there at this point. It just felt wrong. Loo and Vix were fine as wine. Scared and nervy but fine. My friends dogs were in the kennel next to them. I mean the lady is a proffesional! Foxy is such a spoiled bratty bitch. I decided to bring her home and let her stay here. Chris is coming home for a few days of vacation so he can tend to her. She can use the pee pads and all that jazz. I feel terrible for the woman getting bitten. I told her I as soo sorry four hundred times. She said "Well there is a first time for everything!" lol

Well at least I will save 50$ keeping Fox home. Leaving at 3 am. I still have loads to do, god I haven't even loaded the car yet. This is all starting off badly,lol.
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