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Hilton Head Island was beautiful and interesting to visit. Beach is the beach is the beach on the Atlantic side, I want to visit the gulf side. But we did have fun, went to the beach twice, played loads in the pools and hot tub, went to the movies twice(Terminator and Night at the museum). Went to Sea Pines and the Harbor , walked up 40 million stairs in the sweltering 89 degree weather (Inside was more like 120 degrees,lol). Took quite a few pics, mom and Tammy have loads more than I do as I was too busy having fun and spending time with the kids to fool with taking loads of pics. I know I used to be a picture crazy person but I have changed, I try and live in the moment instead of reaching for the camera all the time like I used to, sometimes being there is way better than snapping a pic. Unless its of my dad doing something weird and yes I have more stories about my dad on this trip. He is so comical!

Fox was fine, Vix and Loo were fine at the kennel. They shook and trembled with glee and barked when they saw me. Gave them a hot bath when I got them home, they stunk so bad. They were outside and they aren't outdoorsy doggies. They were able to come inside the building and back out at will but you know kennels have other dogs there and poop and hairs and slobbers ect ect ect. So they were scrubbed up good and blow dried till they smell delicious.

Murf is ok and fat of course, he wasn't bothered in the least by any of the goings on so long as his food dish was full, and it was. He loved on me loads and we made out a bit,LOL! I gotta give him blowy kissy bubbles on his tummy. I missed his fat butt!

I am so glad to be home, it feels like I was gone a month. It was like coming home to a strange place in a way. I dunno why or how to explain it. I am having a bit of an anxiety trip actually. LOL
I am crazy

So much to catch up on with emails and avon junk. Laundry and minor housework. Mowing the lawn too to get done before the weekend is over.

Oh yeah, our back right tire starting coming apart on the hiway in South Carolina so we had to find a station and get them to put two new back tires on for a wonderous 160$ that we didn't have but had to spend anyhow. Figures something nutty would happen! But we were safe and that is what matters.

Maybe by Monday I will feel normal in my skin again. Going there was a wonderful fun but weird experience.....
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