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Neglect? Aye sir & madam!

Sorry dear journal, I have neglected you horridly. The stains of my regret are all over the place, including, but not limited to, some crotchless undies. So I redeem myself to you by this minute entry of little worth and stamina.

Since vacation not much different has happened. No life altering alterations. Same old same old. I honestly feel lately that I haven't much to say to anyone about anything other than a few short sentences or replies. Been on the hunt for a house. I want to move away from the area that I live. I just feel now is the time to make a clean start and be away from where I have always clung to for security. I am ready for a challenge and frankly, need it. I feel really stifled and stagnant here and as much as the children like the area and school I can't be forced to stay here much longer.

I really must try and journal more. Its just good to get things out of my rusty skull, where they are trapped in a stalemate. Hope everyone is well amongst my LJ pals. What ones I don't commune with on facebook I bid a hello and tip of the cap.

I miss my pedestal perchin Englishman. You really got to entertain us again Allan! Draw some cartoon strips or some nude sunbathers on a rock like turtles.
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