lipvixen (lipvixen) wrote,

3 Days! Hilton Head is calling my name, among other things. I am brown finally, dumb tanning bed needs to get its shi* together and work faster. I will lay tomorrow after work 10 minutes and let that be the end of my tanning ventures. I will then go back to being pale and try and salvage my skin.

I will take loads of pics, I charged up the batteries and am ready to snap away. New beach and new experience. Very excited!

Bad bad news, Vix is in full blown nasty heat. Bless her little heart and swollen vag. The kennel lady is going to put her in an isolation kennel so she is safe and secure. Fox and Loo's will be housed together. I am so sad Vix is going to be separated from them. I might just request she be with them, I dunno.
I will miss them like nobody's business and cry like a baby when we drop them off. A week w/o my girls will be torture for me and them.

I don't know if I will get to come on the next two days due to work and packing, so Goodbye to all and I will return with loads of random pictures from the Isle of Hilton Head!

P.s. Murf gets to stay home with his automatic feeder and litter box. It must be grand to be a cat!
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